Joint Session Case Study Program

with Momo Yasutake CBP & Dr. Laura Stuve Adv CBP

5 Remote Sessions $1200

Laura has worked to provide clients with a remote session opportunity and will be offering joint sessions with her collaborator, Momo Yasutake. The package will include:

  • 5 Remote BodyTalk Sessions online with Momo (Skype or Phone) every other week

  • Laura will review each session and add additional formulas so you will get the power of two outstanding practitioners bringing together their expertise to transform your health issues.

  • Clients will be provided with joint session notes, session booster and lifestyle guidance suggestions.

  • Sessions will be focused on the following two areas to collect case studies for potential inclusion in publications. Clients will get an opportunity to review and edit the anonymous write-ups of any of their sessions to be included in a manual, book or other publication.

    • Immune Issues (Allergies, food intolerances, autoimmune, pain and inflammation): Laura and Momo have a lot of experience and expertise successfully working to resolve immune symptoms and are now inviting you to participate in this Joint Session Case Study Program

    • Weight and Metabolism Issues: Dr. Laura has integrated the latest scientific research on metabolism into a Weight and Metabolism Reset Protocol. Momo has been trained and mentored in this protocol which is providing positive weight shifts for many clients. In these joint sessions, the focus will be on identifying and resolving weight and metabolic imbalances to get you into your healthy body. Sessions will provide guidance on lifestyle changes you can make to accelerate progress and will also focus on resolving stress, a major metabolic disruptor. And no, you won’t have to diet!  

There are limited availability and can only take 10-15 people in the first 3 months of the program so if you are interested please APPLY NOW.


In-Person Sessions with Momo


Dr Laura’s Spring clinic schedule is very limited due to her course development projects. She is working with an outstanding practitioner whom she has mentored, Momo Yasutake, to offer access to the amazing healing power of BodyTalk Mind-Body Medicine with all the MindBody Science upgrade courses Laura has developed. Momo is offering individual sessions and 5 session packages, for live In-Person BodyTalk Sessions in Santa Cruz, CA.  Dr Laura will review sessions as needed to provide the synergy of two practitioners focusing on your health issues for an even deeper healing.

Contact for appointments & info:


Momo Yasutake

CBP, Manifestation Coach

Momo has always been captivated by cutting edge science. Her fascination for genetics and the human body lead to a degree in Biotechnology - Bioinformatics from the University California Davis. But her research career at the Human Genome Center was cut short when she was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (Lupus) in 2010. The doctors had no answers, no known cause, no prognosis, and no cure, just an array of scary drug options.

So she became her own scientist, experimenting on herself changing one variable at a time; dietary changes, life style changes, diving into Alternative Medicine, Intuitive Psychologists, Medical Qi Gong, Energy Healers, TCM, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation, you name it. It all got her health back up to about 65%, but hit a wall. That was when BodyTalk came in to her life. It was as if she was finally getting the inside scoop of what was going on physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She kept feeding her craving of understanding who she was and the inner workings of how it all manifested through her body. And now? She is Symptom Free, Medication Free, Lupus Free, and madly in love with her life and everything in it. 

She has been expanding and evolving her practice for over 5 years, and has been privileged to work very closely with Dr. Laura Stuve, a brilliant pioneer in bridging Alternative Medicine with Western Medicine. Studying through her mentorship in BodyTalk as well as in her specialties including BodyEcology, Evolve Epigenetics, Communicators of Stress & Relaxation, Weight & Metabolism, Hormones and Neurotransmitters 101, Case Study Programs has truly been a  powerful and enriching experience.

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