Every symptom has a story...what if you could listen to them?

These "stories behind the symptoms" are the KEY to healing...the Why of the health issue AND the How to resolve it. Anyone can learn to access these stories.

My mission is to link two disparate worlds of healing to create a whole medicine that  works effectively to balance body, mind and spirit.  Specifically, I bridge the:

  • The cutting edge science about the underlying basis of radical well-being and the converse states of imbalance and disease with...
  • The principles of ancient wisdom healing traditions of Chinese, Ayurvedic, yoga, shamanic and energy medicine.

These disciplines have much to offer each other, to complement deficiencies and impossibilities in the other. My trainings and treatments are this integration. They are for healthcare practitioners, moms, college students, engineers, artists, anyone interested in learning to decode the biofeedback of the body, to access the stories behind the symptoms, to understand how the mind impacts the body. 

Upcoming Workshops for Everyone