Dr Laura Stuv  é , PhD, Advanced Certified Body Talk Instructor and Practitioner

Dr Laura Stuvé, PhD, Advanced Certified Body Talk Instructor and Practitioner

Laura Stuvé is an outstanding teacher and mentor.  She is clear, organized, and supportive.  She’s the best.
Pairing Laura’s rich, deep and diverse scientific background with her genuine commitment to my wellbeing has enabled me to both recover rapidly from cancer surgery, and develop a healthy lifestyle for the future.  I’m grateful for her ease in translating complex treatments into plans I can, and actually do, follow regularly.
— Robert S, Ph.D.
Laura’s training was inspiring and timely.  After my first series of classes, I felt as if I had come full circle with Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Body Talk enhances the practice of TCM by tapping into another branch of diagnoses and healing.
— Mamie Ju Raynaud, LAc
...her wealth of knowledge and experience as a BodyTalk Instructor and Practitioner is astounding. It’s one of the most magnificent courses I’ve ever had the privilege of taking.
— Anon
As a Naturopathic Doctor, I found Fundamentals to be a deeply enriching, scientific learning experience. I have learned quite a number of tools that can directly be applied to my practice and I am fascinated by the rich fabric of BodyTalk that allows me to easily access other parts of universal consciousness to facilitate deep healing for my clients.
— Dr Aumatma, ND, CBP

I am a PhD molecular biologist and an advanced instructor and practitioner of mind-body medicine. I train healthcare practitioners and people of any background to:

  • Listen to the stories behind the symptoms.
  • Turn their intuition into a super power.
  • Use the latest scientific discoveries on the impact of lifestyle on health (epigenetics), to unlock chronic disease.
  • Reset the ancient harmony between the microbiome and the immune system to effectively resolve the "modern diseases": allergies, food intolerances, asthma, inflammation, chronic pain, autoimmune disease. 


Dr. Laura Stuvé is a Ph.D. molecular biologist and an Advanced Certified Instructor and Practitioner of BodyTalk Mind-Body Medicine. Laura got her PhD at UCSF in biochemistry and then did a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford working on the Human Genome Project. She was a Senior Director of Research and Development at two California biotech companies working on identifying genes involved in chronic disease.  Laura directed the laboratory work to construct the human genetic map, the HapMap, a large-scale National Institute of Health project, among several other public grant projects. Laura spent 26 years in basic research  in human molecular genetics in academia and the biotechnology industry, before shifting her focus full-time to mind-body medicine. For the past 12 years, Laura has been in clinical practice, integrating her molecular genetics background  with the BodyTalk system’s multidisciplinary, intuitive approach. 

Laura's long time interest in the how the mind...our belief systems, psychology, stresses and emotions, impact the health of the body, led her to an interest in alternative medicine and a system which gave profound results for her own health issues, BodyTalk. Laura has trained in many modalities: BodyTalk, MindScape, San Baio Acupressure, SourcePoint Therapy, BioGeometry, dream interpretation, yoga, shamanism and essential oils. But the BodyTalk System's  underlying philosophy  allows her to leverage all her modalities:  the principles of an approach of "structured intuition" that allow one to listen to the priorities of the innate healing intelligence of the body, and creation of individualized treatment plans that access and resolve the history  (the story) of the health issue.

Laura's knowledge of the molecular, genetic, and environmental factors that cause disease gives her a unique expertise to integrate mind body medicine and science.  She is an inspiring instructor who makes BodyTalk and the scientific basis  of mind body medicine accessible to all.  She has been teaching BodyTalk and courses of her own design in science-based mind-body medicine for alternative healthcare practitioners for 8 years. Her passion is to bring the latest paradigm-changing scientific discoveries into the hands of healthcare practitioners to make a difference in clinical treatment of chronic  disease.

Dr. Stuvé  was the Principal Investigator on the first formal clinical research study for BodyTalk, working with Dr. Janet Galipo and Be Healthy, Inc. This study, focused on evaluating the impact of BodyTalk treatments on individuals with chronic pain conditions,  demonstrated significant improvements in pain intensity and associated emotional symptoms:

  • L. L. Stuvé, H. Liu, J. Shen, J. Gianettoni, J. Galipo. Evaluation of BodyTalk, a novel mind-body medicine, for chronic pain treatment, 2015. J Pain Manage 2015; (7) 4: 279 - 290.  
  • See Laura's complete list of peer-reviewed publications below.