About Module 6: Macrocosmic BodyMind

Explores the impact of genetic, epigenetic, past life, archetypal, cultural, and spiritual influences on our health.

  • 21 Sub-Chakras: Expand your range of chakra balancing to include work with the consciousness of the 21 sub-chakras. 

  • 8th Chakra: Powerful techniques for balance of inherited influences. This class will introduce an expanded range of options for balancing inherited family traits from Dr. Stuve’s background in genetics. 

  • Life Cycles: An integration of the archetypal energies of Western astrology with the acupuncture meridian cycle of the body. We will delve into practical group exercises to get more deeply acquainted with the archetypes of the planetary energies to leverage their full potential in BodyTalk balances.

  • Advanced Procedure: Learn and practice the advanced procedure, the key approach for all BodyTalk Advanced Modules.

COST: $600 Early Bird Discount Rate ($50 off)


  • BodyTalk Fundamentals
  • IBA Membership
  • Advanced Procedure PaRama College on-line course

2017 Dates: 

  • Missoula, MT: Aug 10-11th

IBA CEU: not available