Communicators Module 3: Communicators of Weight & Metabolism


Available as both an e-course and as  live/livestream option on Sept 9-11th, 2018 in Santa Cruz, CA

This course is designed to provide BodyTalk practitioners with incredible science and tools to shift weight and metabolism priorities.

It covers the science and communicators of metabolism, thyroid hormones, the role of the brain and the gut microbiome in governing weight and metabolism, as well as the physiology and consciousness of fat cells.


  • 3-day  course on the Communicators of Weight and Metabolism, session demos and learning assignments.

  • New charts and practice tools: BodyTalk Weight and Metabolism Toolkit,  Metabolic Communicators Chart (with 20 metabolic communicators), Metabolic Doors Chart, Metabolism Scan Template, Hypothalamus more specific chart.

List of course materials:

  • Hypothalamus More Specific
  • BodyTalk Weight & Metabolism Toolkit
  • Metabolic Communicators Chart
  • Metabolic Doors Chart 
  • Metabolism Scan