Mod 6 Master Study E-Course


This e-course is designed to allow you to deepen and extend your knowledge of the Module 6: Macrocosmic BodyMind course material. There are 6 lecture recordings with slide pdfs as part of this course - 3 lectures on the range of 8th chakra balances and 3 lectures on Life Cycles. There is new material in this e-course not covered in Mod6:

  • Use of 8th chakra family history strategy to balance inherited genetic and epigenetic factors.

  • Use of the Life Cycles chart as an alternative to the Advanced BodyTalk Protocol Chart for client sessions.

  • Astrological signs:  Understanding their balanced and imbalanced attributes.

  • Birth Chart sessions: How to use the Life Cycles chart together with the client’s astrological birth chart for a powerful treatment.

  • PRE-REQ: BodyTalk Module 6: Macrocosmic BodyMind

List of course materials and lecture topics:

  • Lecture 1: 8th Chakra Family History
  • Lecture 2: 8th Chakra Past Life Events and Environment
  • Lecture 3: 8th Chakra Culture/Race & LifeCycles/Houses part 1
  • Lecture 4: Houses
  • Lecture 5: Astrological Signs
  • Lecture 6: Birth Chart Sessions
E-Course: Mod 6 Master Study
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