Mod 2: Stress & Relaxation E-Course


This e-course is designed to provide the BodyTalk practitioner with a focused BodyTalk Stress Reset toolkit to restore health by focusing on lowering and reframing stress. Managing and transforming the stress of our clients is often the key to achieve progress and powerful positive health transformations in our clinical practice. This course gives you all the tools and the latest science on stress to enable you to do this.

The course covers the science behind the fight or flight "threat" stress response, as well as the two other beneficial stress responses. It provides information on the adverse impacts of chronic stress on the body, stress hormones and neurotransmitters, stress pathways in the nervous and endocrine system.


  • 2-day recorded course on the Communicators of Stress and Relaxation, session demos and learning assignments.

  • New charts and practice tools: a BodyTalk Stress Reset Toolkit Chart, stress intake, Primal Essential Basics Intake for your clinical work, a stress mindset intervention activity, a handout for balancing stress hormones/neurotransmitters with essential oils, stress pathways chart.