Case Study of the Month Club


Join Dr Laura for a monthly webinar to discuss compelling case studies and learn more on exciting new brain research!


Meets online monthly from May 30th - Sept 26th 

Join us in this online community that includes:

  1. Case Studies on...applications of BodyEcology and Epigenetics work to recover from antibiotics, address autoimmune disease, clearing inherited factors, kid's health, epigenetic strategies to address genetic conditions. 
  2. Review of how to explain sessions to clients - all sessions explained in BodyTalk formulas and in plain language for all to appreciate.
  3. Mini-lectures on brain specifics
    • The hypothalamus: hunger, satiation, obesity, aging, rhythms, aggression, stress and more
    • The intuition neurons
    • The empathy center of the brain
    • The enteric brain
    • Gut Instinct: how the gut and brain communicate
  4. Q&A: An opportunity to ask Dr Laura Your questions from your client work or BodyTalk treatments!


Connect-Om II Group Session Series

Join Laura's monthly series focused on Peace, Prosperity and Purpose in a time of global chaos!