Content!!!!! Results!!!! Laura!!!! It’s just incredible how she taught us these super Science things and it all works in our sessions with clients! Mind blown!!!!
— Anon, CBP

About Evolve Epigenetics

Epigenetics in Health, Disease and Radical Well-Being

Are you ready to...Discover The BodyTalk Keys to Resolve the #1 Root of our Health Issues?

  • Get to the root of YOUR health issues?

  • Update your healthcare practice with the latest developments in the modern science of epigenetics? Laura distills this information down into accessible theory and practical BodyTalk tools that will make a difference with YOUR clients!

  • Learn mind-body medicine approaches to powerfully revitalize health?

Course Will Include: 

  • 4 Types of Epigenetic Priorities that Lock our Bodies into Chronic Disease & How to Resolve Them!

  • Epigenetics in specific health areas

  • BodyTalk ToolKit Expansion with New Charts and Protocols

  • Many New BodyTalk Strategies to work at the Genetic and Epigenetic Level

  • Powerful anti-aging approaches

Cost: $1000 for the 4-day live intensive, $900 for first 15 registered and paid one month before class begins.