Epigenetics Master Study E-Course


Epigenetics is the underlying basis of whether we are healthy or not, and whether we age gracefully or rapidly. By understanding the scientific basis of this important new research on how tiny chemicals on the DNA literally lock our bodies into states of imbalance and chronic disease, we can transform these factors with simple BodyTalk strategies.

This Master Study e-course covers all the material in the 4-day live Evolve Epigenetics course PLUS  additional content not covered in the 4-day course.

Bonus Content:

  • Additional material on anti-aging
  • Genetics
  • Epigenetics of disease
  • Methylation cycle
  • Cancer and cancer preventative strategies
  • EpiScan intuitive scan technique


  • 9 recorded 90-minute lectures with session demos
  • Updated EpiProtocol Charts
  • Annotated EpiProtocol Charts integrated with BodyTalk Advanced Protocol Chart
  • Epi Marker Trouble Shooting Decision Tree
  • Epi Scan Sheet

List of course materials and lecture topics:

  • Epigenetics Master Study E-Course Intro
  • Epigenetics Master Study E-Course Slide PDFs
    • Lecture 1: DNA Day
    • Lecture 2: Protein Appreciation
    • Lecture 3: Transgenerational Epigenetics – You are what your grandparents ate
    • Lecture 4: Doorways into Epigenetics + Environmental Epigenetics
    • Lecture 5: BodyTalk Applications Expanded
    • Lecture 6: EpiLandscape – Epigenetics in Aging, Anti-Aging and Radical Well Being
    • Lecture 7: Genetics
    • Lecture 8: Epigenetics of Disease with Cancer and Cancer Preventative Strategies
    • Lecture 9: Overview, Integration and Wrap-Up


Master all the ways you can integrate Epigenetics into your BodyTalk practice with this in depth E-Course designed to give you a deep understanding of this cutting edge field of Epigenetics and its application in your BodyTalk practice!