Case Study of the Month E-Course


Get a glimpse of Dr. Laura’s latest case studies through this Online Case Study Review.  In this course Laura teaches us about new research on the brain to add more brain areas and understanding to our BodyTalk Protocol Chart AND demonstrates advanced applications of BodyEcology and Epigenetics through real case studies. There are 5 Lectures, each starting with a mini-lecture on newly discovered areas of the brain involved in hunger, satiation, sleep, aging, intuition and gut instinct. Then wrapping it up with Q&A where you will have the opportunity to pick her brain about your BodyTalk work and practice!


  • 5 Lectures + Q&A on
  • Hypothalamus, Intuition Neurons, The Brain’s Empathy Center, The Enteric Brain, The Gut-Brain Connection & Physiology of the “Gut” Instinct.
  • Case Study Sessions with in depth analysis on client issues, shifts, and progress
  • New Brain Charts & Protocol Tools for better understanding and for your BodyTalk Practice


List of course materials:

  • Lecture 1: Hypothalamus - Hypothalamus More Specific Chart
  • Lecture 2: Insula and Intuition Neurons
  • Lecture 3: Reward Pathway
  • Lecture 4: Mirror Neurons and Empathy
  • Lecture 5: Astrocytes
  • Brain Specifics Chart (on all areas covered)