BodyEcology Master Study E-Course


This e-course is designed to allow you to deepen and extend your knowledge of the BodyEcology course material. There are 5 lecture recordings with slide pdfs and 3 new charts as part of this course. There is new material in this e-course not covered in BodyEcology:

  • Extension of microbe types to include bacteriophage and archaea

  • Updated microbiome balancing protocol

  • Extended content and new chart on balancing the epithelial border cells

  • Allergy and Autoimmune Toolkit to provide streamlined strategies for working with these common client issues

  • Gut-Brain Connection expansion and new chart for working with these priorities

List of course materials:

  • Module 1: The Microbiome lecture - recording, slide pdfs
  • Module 2: The Epithelial Borders - recording, slide pdfs
  • Module 3: The Immune System - recording, slide pdfs
  • Module 4: Allergies and Autoimmune Toolkit- recording, slide pdfs                                           -
  • Module 5: Gut-Brain Connection- recording, slide pdfs
  • 3 New Charts:   EpithelialBorderChart v1.0, Allergy and Autoimmune Toolkit v1.0, Gut-Brain Axis Chart v1.0