Laura has been the connecting thread of a life changing BodyTalk journey. Her insight and expertise result in amazing treatments. Her “Fundamentals Integration” is brilliant and I would not miss her unique “Mentor’s program”.
Thank you Laura!
— SD, Engineer, CBP
Laura’s calm, thorough and organized manner of presenting Fundamentals makes the otherwise overwhelming amount of information seem so easy to absorb.  She incorporates a very good balance of theory and practice with just enough structure so you leave the seminar feeling confident about starting to practice on your own. Her Fundamentals Integrations class was superb with emphasis on Quantum physics and hands-on integration of the theory.
— SK, L.Ac., CBP
Body Talk has expanded my view and understanding of what could be going on with my clients. It has helped me integrate physical, energetic and psychological aspects of traumatic experiences.  When a client tells me of a traumatic memory they have, I am able to bring to their awareness the aspects of memory that are stored in their body and how it affects their health, ability to rest, recover and function. I have been in the process of setting up my practice with Body Talk as one of the interventions that are available to them.
— AF, Psychologist, CBP


Not only does Laura have a contagious passion for BodyTalk, she also has a gift for teaching and encouraging her students.
As a mentor, Laura generously shares her knowledge and experience. She is patient, supportive and encouraging. I really appreciate her interest in helping us BodyTalk practitioners grow and succeed.
— SW, PhD
Dr Laura Stuve uses her gifts of humor, imagery and ability to describe these ideas in laymans terms for clarity of understanding. I would recommend this class to people who are interested in exploring the ecosystems inside their bodies!?