Your Body Has Answers


Your Body Has Answers

  • November 30th: 3:30-5pm

  • LIVE in Santa Cruz, CA at MindBody Science or livestream (see download sheet for more information on both options).

Your body has vast information stores and untapped healing capabilities. It remembers….

  • every infection you’ve ever had in the database of immune cells hanging out in your lymph nodes.

  • every accident and scar acquired from adventures of your childhood that are restricting your joint mobility today,

  • every antibiotic you’ve ever taken and the havoc they’ve inflicted on your gut microbes,

  • every emotional trauma and worry you have experienced from day 1.

  • the sequences of your genes, which ones have errors in the DNA or which have been impacted by the fast-food diet of your teens.

  • how to heal and shift each of these factors to promote a rejuvenated, balanced, aligned, and healthy you!

 A free talk and demonstration healing session to access the answers from YOUR body!

 Dr Laura explores the science of intuition and how to use a structured intuitive playground, spanning the wisdom of classical Chinese medicine and the science of the mind-body connection to transform health.   

 For healthcare practitioners looking to expand their intuition and bring the latest science of health into their practice!  

For anyone looking to become a BodyIntuitive!

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