Treatment Intensive Nov 30th


Treatment Intensive Nov 30th

100.00 125.00

The intensive can be attended live or livestream via Zoom. All session spots are $200 and will be filled following Dr Laura’s intuitive scan of the interest list (you will get an email to add yourself to this list). If you are receiving a treatment, live or livestream, you need to be present during the time of your treatment and you will be given an approximate time for your session spot.

 Approximate Schedule for the day (Pacific time) is as follows:

  • 9:30 – 10:30am: Treatments

  • 10:30am: Mini-lecture: Unlikely Endocrines

  • 11 – 11:20am: BREAK

  • 11:20 – 1pm: Treatments

  • 1-1:30: BREAK

  • 1:30-3pm: Treatments

·       3-3:30pm BREAK

·       3:30 – 5pm Lecture: Your Body Has Answers and Demo Session

·       5:15pm -  BodyIntuitive Treatments

 There will be 2 lectures: a short morning lecture for communicator enthusiasts, the mind-body science behind the BodyIntuitive system, wrapping up demos of BodyIntuitive including a group session.

NOTE: We are taking 3 shorter breaks interspersed every 90-120 minutes instead of a longer lunch.

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