Mod9 South Dakota


Mod9 South Dakota

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Location: 200 E 8th St, Sioux Falls, SD 57104, USA 
Sioux Falls, SD 57103


  • Saturday, November 17th, 2018 9am-6:30pm

  • Sunday, November 18th, 2018 9am-6:30pm

Mod9 Matrix Dynamics is a powerful course to:

  • Unlock subconscious parental mindsets you integrated in childhood,

  • Identify and clear limiting belief systems

  • Balance the complex interdynamics of relationships.

Module 9 builds upon and reviews the practitioners understanding of the consciousness of the areas of the body and the 5 senses from Mod 3 (Principles of Consciousness), as well as our predispositions from 8th chakra programming from Mod6 (Macrocosmic BodyMind) to clear dysfunctional, outdated ways of looking at the world and old patterns so we can evolve and grow.

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