Longevity Mindset Series


Longevity Mindset Series

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In this online intensive we will explore the influence of mindset on health and longevity. Our belief systems about stress and about aging, both conscious and subconscious, create emotional disharmony and literally take years off our lives. Get your Stress Mindset Reset Toolkit to reclaim those years!

  • Livestream/Recorded

  • $350 New student/ $100 Monitor

    • A 5-session online anti-aging workshop for understanding and rebalancing:

      • Stress impacts on health

      • The 3 stress modes

      • The impact of your stress and longevity mindset on health!

      Fridays from 10-11:45am Pacific.

      Practicals are demonstrated and given for each meeting to complete with your practice team before the next meeting!

      • Session 1 - 10/18/19: Stress and Mindset Intro, Stress Mindset Practical

      • Session 2 - 11/8/19: Stress Communicators and Pathways, Communicator Practical

      • Session 3 - 11/22/19: The Threat Ravaged Body, Stress Reset Toolkit Practical

      • Session 4 - 12/13/19: Stress Epigenetics and Anti-Aging, Epigenetics Practical

      • Session 5 - 1/10/20: Lessons from our Ancestors, Longevity Mindset, Longevity Mindset Practical

      NOTE: You are a monitor if you have previously taken Communicators Module 2: Stress & Relaxation. The material in that course has been updated and extended in the Longevity Mindset offering.

  • Pre-Reqs: BodyTalk Fundamentals or BodyIntuitive I plus HNT101

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