Longevity Mindset


Longevity Mindset

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In this 2 day intensive we will explore the influence of mindset on health and longevity. Our belief systems about stress and about aging, both conscious and subconscious, create emotional disharmony and literally take years off our lives. Get your Stress Mindset Reset Toolkit to reclaim those years!

  • Live in Santa Cruz, CA or livestream

    • NOTE: livestreamers must be present for the 2 day experience so plan your schedule accordingly. There will be a recording available for all but this is a participatory experience.

  • $350 New student/ $100 Monitor

    • Your are a MONITOR if you’ve had Stress and Relaxation. This course is an updated version of Communicators Module 2: Stress and Relaxation. We will learn the stress and relaxation communicators, and pathways with an emphasis on shifting stress mindset between the 3 stress modes.

Course topics:

  • Adverse stress vs beneficial stress

  • The 3 stress modes and their communicators

  • Mindset and health

  • Stress epigenetics and aging

  • Pre-Reqs: BodyTalk Fundamentals or BodyIntuitive I plus HNT101

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