Fall Back into Health Series - NEW


Fall Back into Health Series - NEW

  • Online series for practitioner health and wellness! November - February includes a huge discount ($275 - $425, depending on whether you already have the pre-req) on:

    • Stress transformation strategies and science tips in Longevity Mindset ($350)

    • Lifestyle and metabolic tuning in Weight and Metabolism Masters ($500 Early Bird)

    • Monthly group sessions for shifting the ravages of stress on your mind-body, and expanding into thriving! in Connect-Om: Abundance Mindset (($250)

    • You will get maximum benefit from the Fall Back into Health Series if you elect to join a practical team for trades on the monthly practical assignments. At the end of October you will get a survey to give your preferences for practicals!

    • A Fall Back into Health Practical workbook with the monthly practicals for use with trade partners, clients, friends and family.

    • Includes Hormones and Neurotransmitters 101 PRE-REQ for those that haven't had it!

  • ONLINE Meeting Dates (all sessions are recorded for those that can’t join us live)

    • Nov 7: Connect-Om Group Session - set your fall healing intentions

    • Nov 8: Lecture & Session Demos I, 10-11:15am, 11:45-1pm Pacific

    • Nov 22: Lecture & Session Demos II, 10-11:15am, 11:45-1pm Pacific

    • Dec 13: Lecture & Session Demos III, 10-11:15am, 11:45-1pm Pacific

    • Dec 20: Connect-Om Group Session, Winter Solstice Intentions

    • Jan 10: Lecture & Session Demos IV, 10-11:15am, 11:45-1pm Pacific

    • Jan 17: Connect-Om Group Session

    • Feb 7: Connect-Om Group Session

    • Feb 13: Lecture & Session Demos IV, 10-11:15am, 11:45-1pm Pacific

Payment Plan Option:

  • Payment 1: $300 upon registration

  • Payment 2: $265 on 11/26/19

  • Payment 3: $260 on 1/15/20

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