E-course: Communicators Mod2: Stress and Relaxation


E-course: Communicators Mod2: Stress and Relaxation

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In this E-Course you will gain a new perspective on the impacts of stress and a whole array of tools to reset, balance, and harmonize ourselves to these impacts on our Body and Mind.


  • Recordings of all the live lectures
  • Stress Reset Tool Kit
  • ther Useful Tools
    • Common Endocrine Disruptor Toxins

    • Self Evaluations/Stress Mindset Reset Exercise Tools

    • Stress Intake

    • Top 20 Communicators List

    • Many charts and diagrams to help integrate the new information into your protocol chart


Pre-requisites: COMMUNICATORS MODULE 1, BodyTalk Fundamentals

Recommended: Epigenetics, Mod6

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