Connect-Om V: Rejuvenation


Connect-Om V: Rejuvenation


Join me for this 4-month group session series, where we focus on rejuvenation from June -Sept.

We will be working together to find our inspiration, clear our roadblocks, real and otherwise, to facilitate our collective abilities for rejuvenation, anti-aging and relaxation.

What to expect?

  • A monthly ~ hour long online session around the new moon

    • June 15th, July 19th, Aug 10th, Sept 21st

  • A group matrix session that leverages the strengths in our healing tribe to balance the weaknesses.

    • Laura will be tuning into the energy of the group before the session to prepare for the group session each month.

    • Laura’s epigenetic anti-aging tools together with other modalities to shift us all through the dimensions of healing

    • A recording you can access if you miss the live session, or want to re-watch.

  • A participatory experience where you...

    • Set an intention for your Vision

    • Share a strength with the Connect-Om group since we will be leveraging the strength of one to balance a weakness of another

    • Plug into the High Frequency Energetic Group Matrix to up-level, rise into the highest version of yourself

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