Connect-Om IV: Activism, Be the Change


Connect-Om IV: Activism, Be the Change


Join me for this 4-month group session series, where we will venture together towards:


FOCUS: To work as a community to activate our visions and take them into the world. If, like me, you are trying to change the face of healthcare, one client and one student at a time... there is so much to be done! And then there is, laundry, daily practices of whatever we do to stay sane, paying the bills. So it is a practice of balance, action, balance, action.  Doing one's work in the world in a way that is inspired, sustainable, supported, in community. 

We will be working together to find our inspiration, clear our roadblocks, real and otherwise, to facilitate our collective abilities to bring our gifts forward into the world in a bigger way -  the series starts this Friday on the New Moon in Aquarius, the change maker visionary of the astrological archetypes. The world needs our gifts! Let's do this!

What to expect?

  • A monthly ~ hour long online session around the new moon

    • Feb 16 12:00pm PST

    • Mar 16 12:00pm PST

    • Apr 13 12:00pm PST

    • May 18 12:00pm PST

  • A group matrix session that leverages the strengths in our healing tribe to balance the weaknesses.

    • Laura will be tuning into the energy of the group before the session to prepare for the group session each month.
    • Tools of BodyTalk with BioGeometry to shift us all through the dimensions of healing
    • A recording you can access if you miss the live session, or want to re-watch.

  • A participatory experience where you...

    • Set an intention for your Vision

    • Share a strength with the Connect-Om group since we will be leveraging the strength of one to balance a weakness of another

    • Plug into the High Frequency Energetic Group Matrix to up-level, rise into the highest version of yourself

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