Communicators Mod 3: Weight & Metabolism, Oct 29-31


Communicators Mod 3: Weight & Metabolism, Oct 29-31

650.00 750.00

This 3 day intensive AVAILABLE LIVE in Santa Cruz, CA/LIVESTREAM AND RECORDED (All attendees get course recordings) Includes...

  • Understanding the latest science on the contributors that influence weight and metabolism:
    • Metabolic hormones and neurotransmitters - What are they and what do they do?
    • Microbiome influences
    • Inherited and acquired epigenetic locks
  • Weight and Metabolism BodyTalk Reset Protocol & treatment strategies
  • Intensive practical

Pre-requisites: BodyTalk Fundamentals, COMMUNICATORS MOD1

Recommended: Communicators MOD2 - Stress and RelaxationBodyEcology, Epigenetics, Mod6

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