Treatments with Dr Laura

Mind-Body Medicine offers the potential of incredible health transformation. Options for scheduling an IN PERSON treatment in Santa Cruz, CA to decode the wisdom in your body are below. 

Dr. Laura has  availability for REMOTE sessions in her Joint Session Case Study Program - see below for more info. 

In Person 

Laura's clinical practice is in Santa Cruz, CA, where she is available for in-person sessions for Santa Cruz area clients on Monday at Evolve Wellness, 120 Pearl Alley, 95060.  

Special rates are available for Santa Cruz County clients: $150/session. The first session is approximately 1 hour, follow-up sessions are approximately forty minutes.

Joint Session Case Study Program

Laura is currently collaborating with Momo Yasutake CBP & Manifestation Coach who has studied and worked very closely with her for the past 5 years. Bringing an even deeper level of healing by combining forces of 2 outstanding practitioners!

Laura's Connect-Om Group Session Series  - Monthly new moon sessions focusing on Visioning - Clarifying your Vision for Your Path PLUS Boosting your Clarity by Balance of your Gut-Brain Communication!

Group Session Series