Training with Dr Laura


Learn to decode the body's wisdom...

  • Your body knows WHY you have your stomach ulcer, your allergies, your shoulder pain. It knows HOW to resolve these issues.

  • Do you know how to access this information?

  • Does your healthcare practitioner?

  • Find a BodyIntuitive I course near you HERE!

The beauty of BodyIntuitive Mind-Body Medicine:

  • Anyone can learn.

  • A holistic view of body-mind-spirit.

  • The connection between the mind and the body is central to healing.

  • Explores and heals the mind-level roots of our health issues: belief systems, emotions, traumas, and stresses.

  • Incorporates the latest scientific understanding of how the body works.

  • Allows practitioners to leverage and better utilize all their existing healing modalities for greater success with clients.

  • Offers profound transformations of health and well being at every level!

  • Integrates Western anatomy and physiology with Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, quantum physics to create individualized treatments - the ultimate in personalized healthcare.