Training with Dr Laura


Learn to decode the body's wisdom...

Your body knows WHY you have your stomach ulcer, your allergies, your shoulder pain. It knows HOW to resolve these issues. Do you know how to access this information? Does your healthcare practitioner?

The beauty of BodyTalk Mind-Body Medicine:

  • Anyone can learn.
  • A holistic view of body-mind-spirit.
  • The connection between the mind and the  body is central to healing.
  • Explores and heals the mind-level roots of our health issues: belief systems, emotions, traumas,  and stresses.
  • Incorporates the latest scientific understanding of how the body works.
  • Allows practitioners to leverage and better utilize all their existing healing modalities for greater success with clients.
  • Offers profound transformations of health and well being at every level!
  • Integrates Western anatomy and physiology with Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, quantum physics to create individualized treatments - the ultimate in personalized healthcare.