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Healthcare practitioners,

Dr Laura recommends BodyIntuitive I to ignite your intuition, superpower your results, and heal yourself.


BodyIntuitive I

Your key course to learn to:

  • Decode the wisdom of the body

  • Integrate the breadth and power of intuitive mind-body medicine in your clinical practice

  • Turn your intuition into a superpower.

    • 2019 Course Dates

      • May 31-June 2nd: Denver, CO

      • June 21-23rd: Seattle, WA

      • June 28-30th, Santa Cruz, CA

      • Aug 2-4th: Chapel Hill, NC

      • Sept 27-29th: Miami, FL

      • Dec 6-8th: Santa Cruz, CA


Laura's science-based Mind-Body Medicine courses are open to all healthcare practitioners following BodyIntuitive I training. For those interested in updating their understanding and practice with the latest cutting edge scientific insights. These courses include theory lectures and an opportunity to observe and experience application of the material with the tools of BodyTalk.  

Classes are available on:

  1. BodyEcology: The human microbiome and it's impacts on immune disease, mood and beyond

  2. Evolve Epigenetics: The epigenetic basis of chronic disease and anti-aging

  3. Meet the Communicators: Hormones and Neurotransmitters -

    • Intro: Hormones and Neurotransmitter Essentials

    • Stress and Relaxation

    • Weight and Metabolism

    • Molecules of Emotion