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Hormones and Neurotransmitters 101 - German Translation

  • MindBody Science, LLC 303 Potrero Street Santa Cruz, CA, 95060 United States (map)

Communicators Module 1 is an essential course for BodyTalkers! Learn to extend your BodyChemistry bubble to balance communicators - hormones and neurotransmitters. A user-friendly overview of communicator biology and a streamlined protocol for resetting over-production, deficiency, resistance, hypersensitivity and disrupted rhythms. This gives you the tools to reset amplified stress responses, repair sleep, and energy.

This course is the pre-requisite and platform you can extend in other modules of the Communicator series to address weight and metabolism, pain, female hormone reset, rejuvenation, and mood.

Livestream in Germany at ____________. Recorded for indefinite reviewing for all participants.


  • Top 20 communicator chart and Hypothalamus More Specific

  • Updated v4 of the communicator protocol

  • Demos and practical with structured learning assignments