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Communicators Weight & Metabolism

  • MindBody Science 303 Potrero Street, Building 29, Suite 201 Santa Cruz, CA 95060 (map)


Meet the Communicators of Weight and Metabolism

Live, livestream and recorded access 

This MindBody Science course brings you up to date on the latest science of metabolic communicators, brain areas and lifestyle factors that impact weight. In an intensive practical you learn a powerful Weight Reset Toolkit.

What you get!

Weight & Metabolism Reset Tool Kit

  • Lifestyle factors and guidance (Alcohol, Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Stress, Supplements/Meds)

  • Consciousness Issues (AM, Body Image Matrixes, Mod3 Consciousness, Mod6 Karmic 8th Chakra)

  • Gut Microbiome (Balance ecosystem pockets with obesogenic potential)

  • Epigenetics (Integrate Epigenetics into Weight & Metabolism issues)

  • Brain Doors (The 4 doors of metabolic control in the brain)

  • Top 20 Metabolic Communicator Charts (Hormones/Neurotransmitters)

  • Weight & Metabolism Scan Sheet - Learn to do an intuitive scan to identify metabolic priorities


Part 3 of a 4-course series.

Part 1: Meet the Communicators: Hormones and Neurotransmitters 101 (the pre-req, offered June 14th AND/OR as an e-course)

Part 2: Communicators of Stress/Relaxation - June 15-16th, 2018

Part 3: Communicators of Weight & Metabolism - Oct 29-31st, 2018

Part 4: Communicator Immersion - Nov 1-2nd, 2018


Pre-requisites: BodyTalk Fundamentals

Recommended: BodyEcology, Epigenetics, Mod6

Later Event: November 1
Communicators Immersion