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Communicators of Stress and Relaxation

  • MindBody Science 303 Potrero Street, Building 29, Suite 201 Santa Cruz, CA 95060 (map)

Meet the Communicators of Stress and Relaxation!

Reset their rhythms and repair the disconnects, balancing the impact of stress, and restoring the mind body and spirit.

  • Live, Livestream attendance options. ALL participants will get recordings access for unlimited listening later
  • Cost: $550,
  • Early Bird rate until May 25th: $475

Chronic stress has been coined the number one killer in the world. In our modern day fast pace high stress environment our Nervous System can easily switch into Fight or Flight Mode. Often times this “Survival Mode” can become our default, making it harder for our Body and Minds to spend enough quality time in the Relaxation mode for all the maintenance and healing to occur. Imagine a computer that’s constantly being pushed to the edge of its limits and never being closed or shut down to restore itself. Eventually the computer freezes until the only option left is to shut it down and reboot. It’s the same for our Body and Mind which is a highly complex intricate system that freezes and shuts down if these accumulated stresses aren’t dealt with.

In this course you will gain a new perspective on the impacts of stress and a whole array of tools to reset, balance, and harmonize ourselves to these impacts on our Body and Mind.

What you get:

Stress Reset Tool Kit

  • Diving deeper into BodyChemistry (Hormones/Neurotransmitters)

  • Stress & Stress Response Balancers

  • 3 Modes of the Nervous System

  • Learn about the New Stress/Relaxation Pathways in the Brain

  • All the Body Cycles and Systems Impacted by Stress

  • Stress Balancing Techniques from other modalities


Some other Useful Tools

  • Common Endocrine Disruptor Toxins

  • Self Evaluations/Value Stress Mindset Exercise Tools

  • Stress Intake

  • Top 20 Communicators List

  • Many charts and diagrams to help integrate the new information into your protocol chart

PREREQUISITE: BodyTalk Fundamentals

RECOMMENDED: Evolve Epigenetics, Module 6