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Communicators Module 2: Stress and Relaxation - German Translation

  • MindBody Science 303 Potrero Street, Building 29, Suite 201 Santa Cruz, CA 95060 (map)

Taught in English with German translation with all course materials translated. Livestream venue is:

Chronic stress has been coined the number one killer in the world. In our modern day fast pace high stress environment our nervous system can easily switch into Fight or Flight mode. Often times this “survival mode” can become our default, making it harder for our body and mind to spend enough quality time in relaxation mode for regeneration and healing to occur. In this essential course for all healthcare practitioners, you will learn the latest science on stress and health, not one but three stress modes of the nervous system, only one of which is harmful to our health. Most importantly you will invaluable strategies to shift your clients into relaxation or beneficial stress modes to facilitate healing.

Reset the rhythms and repair the disconnects of the communicators of stress & relaxation. Balance the impact of stress, and restore the mind body and spirit.

In this class you will get a BodyTalk Stress Reset Toolkit and learn about the hormones and neurotransmitters of stress with easy charts for straightforward application in your clinic.