Hormone of the Month Club
to Jan 15

Hormone of the Month Club

Hormone of the Month Club 2018

Course Overview: 
9 monthly meetings for ~60 minutes from April - December 2018.

The ability to understand and rebalance the communicators in the body is a powerful way to optimize health. There are hundreds of communicators...there is one easy protocol that really works to harmonize communication using the strategies of BodyTalk Mind-Body Medicine. The pre-requisite course for this series is: Meet the Communicators - Hormones and Neurotransmitters 101. The Hormone of the month club will take you into the science, and health issues associated with the specific communicator of the month, expanding your communicator toolkit!  Each meeting will include theory, BodyTalk priorities, case examples and may include individual or group sessions on the hormone of the month. 

Starts on April 13th, 2018 from 11am-12pm Pacific time

  • 4/13: The Communicators of Desire vs Contentment, Dopamine vs Serotonin
  • 5/18: The Communicators of Yin and Yang: Estrogen and Testosterone
  • 6/15, 7/20...future course dates and topics to be announced, but will focus on NEW communicators: Human Growth Hormone, Prolactin, Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), ANF or Atrial Natriuretic Factor (the hormone of the heart), Osteocalcin (made by the bone but linked to obesity and diabetes), Renin, Parathyroid hormone

    Register by clicking the link below!


Hormone of the Month Club
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to May 12

Module 9: Matrix Dynamics

Module 9: Matrix Dynamics

A powerful course to unlock subconscious parental mindsets you integrated in childhood, to identify and clear limiting belief systems and to balance the complex interdynamics of relationships. Module 9 builds upon and reviews the practitioners understanding of the consciousness of the areas of the body and the 5 senses from Mod 3 (Principles of Consciousness), as well as our predispositions from 8th chakra programming from Mod6 (Macrocosmic BodyMind) to clear dysfunctional, outdated ways of looking at the world and old patterns so we can evolve and grow.

In the Complex Matrixes section, the course provides approaches to balance inter-communication and harmonize relationships, families, businesses and other groups.


Location: MindBody Science 303 Potrero Street,

                  Building 29, Suite 201

                  Santa Cruz CA, 95060

Dates: May 10-12

Proceeded by a Mod6 Practical Intensive on May 9th

Cost: $750, Early Bird Rate through May 1st: $675

PREREQUISITE: BodyTalk Fundamentals, Module 3, Module 6


We are still waiting on this course to be officially approved by the IBA.

Stay tuned for updates when it is available for Registration and Purchase!

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Communicators of Stress and Relaxation
to Jun 16

Communicators of Stress and Relaxation

Meet the Communicators of Stress and Relaxation!

Reset their rhythms and repair the disconnects, balancing the impact of stress, and restoring the mind body and spirit.

  • Live, Livestream attendance options. ALL participants will get recordings access for unlimited listening later
  • Cost: $550,
  • Early Bird rate until May 25th: $475

Chronic stress has been coined the number one killer in the world. In our modern day fast pace high stress environment our Nervous System can easily switch into Fight or Flight Mode. Often times this “Survival Mode” can become our default, making it harder for our Body and Minds to spend enough quality time in the Relaxation mode for all the maintenance and healing to occur. Imagine a computer that’s constantly being pushed to the edge of its limits and never being closed or shut down to restore itself. Eventually the computer freezes until the only option left is to shut it down and reboot. It’s the same for our Body and Mind which is a highly complex intricate system that freezes and shuts down if these accumulated stresses aren’t dealt with.

In this course you will gain a new perspective on the impacts of stress and a whole array of tools to reset, balance, and harmonize ourselves to these impacts on our Body and Mind.

What you get:

Stress Reset Tool Kit

  • Diving deeper into BodyChemistry (Hormones/Neurotransmitters)

  • Stress & Stress Response Balancers

  • 3 Modes of the Nervous System

  • Learn about the New Stress/Relaxation Pathways in the Brain

  • All the Body Cycles and Systems Impacted by Stress

  • Stress Balancing Techniques from other modalities


Some other Useful Tools

  • Common Endocrine Disruptor Toxins

  • Self Evaluations/Value Stress Mindset Exercise Tools

  • Stress Intake

  • Top 20 Communicators List

  • Many charts and diagrams to help integrate the new information into your protocol chart

PREREQUISITE: BodyTalk Fundamentals

RECOMMENDED: Evolve Epigenetics, Module 6 

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BodyEcology - Live & Livestream, Santa Cruz, CA
to Aug 5

BodyEcology - Live & Livestream, Santa Cruz, CA

  • The key to resolving the modern immune issues: allergies, food intolerances, asthma, inflammation, pain, autoimmune conditions.
  • Meet your tiny friends with benefits, your microbiome.
  • A user-friendly dive into the immune system.
  • An overview of the latest research on the human microbiome, the immune system, the gut-brain connection and its new insights on how to stay healthy!
BodyEcology Santa Cruz, CA: Live & Livesteam: Aug 2-5th
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Communicators Weight & Metabolism
to Oct 31

Communicators Weight & Metabolism


Meet the Communicators of Weight and Metabolism

Live, livestream and recorded access 

This MindBody Science course brings you up to date on the latest science of metabolic communicators, brain areas and lifestyle factors that impact weight. In an intensive practical you learn a powerful Weight Reset Toolkit.

What you get!

Weight & Metabolism Reset Tool Kit

  • Lifestyle factors and guidance (Alcohol, Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Stress, Supplements/Meds)

  • Consciousness Issues (AM, Body Image Matrixes, Mod3 Consciousness, Mod6 Karmic 8th Chakra)

  • Gut Microbiome (Balance ecosystem pockets with obesogenic potential)

  • Epigenetics (Integrate Epigenetics into Weight & Metabolism issues)

  • Brain Doors (The 4 doors of metabolic control in the brain)

  • Top 20 Metabolic Communicator Charts (Hormones/Neurotransmitters)

  • Weight & Metabolism Scan Sheet - Learn to do an intuitive scan to identify metabolic priorities


Part 3 of a 4-course series.

Part 1: Meet the Communicators: Hormones and Neurotransmitters 101 (the pre-req, offered June 14th AND/OR as an e-course)

Part 2: Communicators of Stress/Relaxation - June 15-16th, 2018

Part 3: Communicators of Weight & Metabolism - Oct 29-31st, 2018

Part 4: Communicator Immersion - Nov 1-2nd, 2018


Pre-requisites: BodyTalk Fundamentals

Recommended: BodyEcology, Epigenetics, Mod6

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Communicators Immersion
to Nov 2

Communicators Immersion

Dr Laura will host 3 immersions this year designed to allow practitioners to:

  • Bring up their level of mastery in the MindBody Science BodyTalk strategies in their clinical practice: 
    • Evolve Epigenetics, BodyEcology, Brain Specifics (from the Case Study of the Month Club), and the Communicators courses (Stress and Relaxation, Weight and Metabolism, Hormone of the Month Club). 
  • Focus will be on getting more fluid with the techniques, and explaining sessions to clients
  • Laura will do sessions on course participants and give all participants mentoring on their sessions 
  • Pre-Req: BodyTalk Fundamentals and 2 or more of the Communicators courses 
  • Limited to 20 participants live, Live and livestream attendance options available
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BodyEcology - LIVE Chapel Hill, NC Dec 6-9th, 2018
to Dec 9

BodyEcology - LIVE Chapel Hill, NC Dec 6-9th, 2018

This training is your KEY to healing the skyrocketing rates of immune disease: allergies, food intolerances, inflammation, chronic pain, autoimmune conditions.

In order to balance the body, we need an understanding of all the aspects of the body and how they inter-relate. What if there were exciting new research findings on a “hidden organ” that was essential for healthy digestion and brain function…

Ready to add it to your protocol chart?

Ready for powerful new understanding and tools to address allergies, asthma, inflammation and auto-immune conditions?

This “hidden organ” is the microbiome, trillions of tiny passengers that are an essential part of the super-organism of the human body…friendly microbe partners we require for a healthy immune system and a balanced brain.  They have names. They have functions. They talk to the cells of your body, and your body talks back. They have been in harmonious partnership with our systems since the dawn of humanity. Fast-forward to the present day, and we can see a tremendous toll on our inner ecosystem from our modern lifestyles. An unhappy microbiome = a reactive and inflammatory immune system.

Ready to learn new BodyTalk strategies to reset this ancient harmony?

Everything you need to know about this hidden organ including new BodyTalk protocol charts and strategies to keep it in balance can be found in the upcoming BodyEcology course. You will meet your microbiome, all the players in the immune system, update your brain to the latest research findings so that you can more effectively address the day to day issues that your clients face.


COST: $900 Early Bird Discount Rate and paid (Save $300). Monitor Rate: $250

Location: Chapel Hill, NC, Dec 6-9th

This class is available for LIVE attendance only

For more info contact: Holly Steflik: holly.steflik@gmail.com 


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Module 6: Macrocosmic BodyMind
to Mar 1

Module 6: Macrocosmic BodyMind

  • Santa Cruz, CA United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS
  • We inherit many things from our families...our views of the world, fears, genetic strengths, the impact of toxins and traumas they have known. Learn the keys to clearing these influences.
  • Venture beyond time to clear past life influences.
  • Life Cycles takes us into a powerful integration of Chinese medicine and Western astrological archetypes that affords a whole new approach to treatment.
  • 21 minor energy centers and their consciousness aspects.
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Module 3: Principles of Consciousness
to Feb 25

Module 3: Principles of Consciousness

With instructor Janet Galipo. Please register by going to the IBA HERE.

The consciousness work in Principles of Consciousness underlies the foundation of the philosophy behind the BodyTalk System and explains how to apply it in a practical way. It is said that consciousness is all there is. It is the core of everything. This course delves into how our experiences, form our beliefs about life and therefore ourselves; how each one of our organs endocrines and body parts have their own tendencies toward specific states of consciousness/belief systems.

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BodyTalk Fundamentals
to Feb 10

BodyTalk Fundamentals

  • Santa Cruz, CA United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS
  • Learn to decode the biofeedback of the body and access the story under the symptoms. 
  • Learn 20+ mind-body balancing techniques that integrate Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Learn to turn your intuition into a superpower!
  • For healthcare practitioners and interested laypeople alike. 
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Fundamentals Integration - Santa Cruz
to Jul 18

Fundamentals Integration - Santa Cruz

As an extension of the BodyTalk Fundamentals, this course dives deeper into the material allowing the information absorbed from the Fundamentals Course to be applied and explored through hands on practice. It supports and expands your mastery of BodyTalk Fundamentals by giving you the tools to start doing more sessions and integrating it with the rest of your life.

Focused on:

  1. Easing the nerves when doing a session

  • Fluidity of all Fundamentals techniques and Exploring Procedure

  • Explaining sessions to clients


     2. New lecture material

  • Stress biology: how to balance stress (“fight or flight”) with BodyTalk

  • Scientific Basis of BodyTalk


     3. Preparing for the CBP exam

  • This class completes the second course requirement for becoming a certified BodyTalk practitioner.

  • Opportunity to get clarity and solidifying your understanding of the course material to prep for the exam

Fundamentals Integration Santa Cruz - July 21-23
600.00 650.00
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Evolve Epigenetics
to Jul 30

Evolve Epigenetics

Evolve Epigenetics for BodyTalkers

Adverse lifestyle and environmental factors (diet, toxin exposure, traumas you have lived through) can literally lock your genes into a state of imbalance or disease. If these adverse lifestyle factors can create locks, there is also a way to unlock it. You are NOT the prisoner of your genetic makeup.

This course is the KEY to unlock health issues down at the DNA level.


What you’ll learn:

  • The link between lifestyle and health from a science perspective

  • How ancestral factors in your family line can be impacting your health now and what you can do about it! Famines, toxins, infections, traumas your ancestors have known do not need to be dragging down your vitality and wellbeing.

  • The difference between the Genetic code and Epigenetic code

  • The role of Epigenetics and Genetics in health and disease and how to address them with BodyTalk

  • New and advanced BodyTalk tools/techniques to unlock, clear, reactivate, rejuvenate at the cellular level

  • Expanded charts and tool kits focused on shifting entrenched disease

  • How Epigenetics is the key to aging and anti-aging


In 2018, Evolve Epigenetics is offered in:

  • Rio, Brazil: a 4-day intensive with Portuguese translation - June 28-July 1

  • Germany: Livestream as a 4-day intensive with German translation - July 27-30

  • Epigenetic Master Group E-course: See below in e-course listings

  • Epigenetics Immersion: For previous Epigenetics students that want to take their learning further.


PREREQUISITE: BodyTalk Fundamentals

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BodyEcology Master Group
to Apr 14

BodyEcology Master Group

This intensive mentoring group is a guided journey to review, deepen and extend your understanding AFTER taking the BodyEcology course, the pre-requisite. 

The BodyEcology material is a key piece of the puzzle that every modern healthcare practitioner needs to know about. As BodyTalkers we have a huge advantage over Western and other modalities because our BodyTalk toolkit is AMAZING at resetting the microbiome-immune system harmony. I'd like to share my secrets, science updates, session examples and provide you with materials to share with your clients to work more effectively in this area. I'm also answering the demand I've heard from BodyEcology students for a guided journey through this material.

Each 90 minute online meeting (join live, or listen to recorded webinar):

  • Lectures review and extend the material with live session examples

  • A focused learning assignment to practice with your practice group and/or clients. 

  • Private FB learning forum for instructor feedback on your sessions.



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