Science-Based Mind-Body e-courses

In the Communicators Series, Dr Laura shares her clinical expertise woven together with the latest science to provide new treatment strategies to BodyTalk Mind-Body Medicine practitioners. The communicators courses include recorded lectures of the science of hormone and neurotransmitter action, strategies for balancing them with the tools of BodyTalk Mind-Body Medicine, session demos and new charts.


Hormones and Neurotransmitters101

This e-course is designed to orient you on the basics of the communicators of the body, the hormones and neurotransmitters. What are they? How do they function? How are they the same and different? What types of priority imbalances do they have? And how can you reset them into harmony with the tools of the BodyTalk system?


  • A 1-day recorded course on hormone and neurotransmitter basics, session demos and learning assignments.
  • BodyTalk strategies to rebalance them working with a specific protocol and a new chart of the top 20 communicators. 
  • A 1-hr lecture on the hypothalamus more specific with a chart on this key brain area. 
Meet the Communicators E-Course
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Stress and Relaxation

This e-course is designed to provide the BodyTalk practitioner with a focused toolkit to restore health by focusing on lowering and reframing stress. 

The course covers the science behind the fight or flight "threat" stress response, as well as the two other beneficial stress responses. It provides information on the adverse impacts of chronic stress on the body, stress hormones and neurotransmitters, stress pathways in the nervous and endocrine system.


  • 1-day Hormones and Neurotransmitters 101
  • 2-day recorded course on the Communicators of Stress and Relaxation, session demos and learning assignments. 
  • New charts and practice tools: a BodyTalk Stress Reset Toolkit Chart, stress intake, PEB worksheet, a stress mindset intervention activity, a handout for balancing stress hormones/neurotransmitters with essential oils, stress pathways chart.

Weight and Metabolism

This e-course is designed to provide BodyTalk practitioners with incredible science and tools to shift weight and metabolism priorities.

It covers the science and communicators of metabolism, thyroid hormones, the role of the brain in governing weight and metabolism, as well as the physiology and consciousness of fat cells. 


  • 3-day recorded course on the Communicators of Weight and Metabolism, session demos and learning assignments. 
  • New charts and practice tools: BodyTalk Weight and Metabolism Toolkit,  Metabolic Communicators Chart, Metabolic Doors Chart, Metabolism Scan Template, Hypothalamus more specific chart.