Spring into Learning 2019 Flash Sale

4 days only: April 29-May 2nd ONLY

The gift of healing and learning for you, your family, friends and clients!

Every spring I like to offer a discounted rate to allow all access to my content at accessible pricing. This spring you will have an opportunity for discounts on:

  • New Courses in 2019

    • EpiCancer Strategies: Evolve Epigenetics strategies for cancer and cancer prevention (see below for info)

    • Longevity Mindset: Reset your view of stress If you could change one thing to transform your health and mood, this would be it! Let’s do it!

      • $350, $250 Spring Sale

      • Monitors: $79 (if you’ve had the Communicators Mod2: Stress and Relaxation)

      • August 24-25th, Santa Cruz, CA, live and livestream!

  • Mind-Body Science Essentials

    • BodyEcology: a must for all BodyTalkers and BodyIntuitives to learn the new science of the microbiome and immune system to address inflammation, allergies, and autoimmune disease!

      • $1100 New Students, $700 Spring Sale

        • Monitor Rate: $275, $175 Spring Sale

      • Kelowna, BC, Sept 14-17th, live and livestream! The only 2019 BodyEcology opportunity!

    • Evolve Epigenetics: EpiLite - a 2-day course to get the essentials of resolving acquired and inherited locks on your physiology. The only 2019 epigenetics course!

      • $700, $450 Spring Sale

    • HNT101: The Essentials of Communicators (see below for info)

      • $199, $99 Spring Sale

      • May 19th livestream

    • Female Hormone Renew: Hormone reset strategies for girls/women age 9-90! (see below for info)

      • $111, $99 Spring Sale

      • May 19th livestream

  • BodyTalk Advanced Modules

    • Module 6: Macrocosmic BodyMind - inherited factors, past life memories archetypes, and meridian cycle

      • $750, $575 Spring Sale

    • Module 9: Matrix dynamics - transform limiting belief systems

      • $750, $575 Spring Sale, Mod6/9 Bundle: $1100

These courses include live/livestream classes in Santa Cruz, CA or other locations that weave together modern science insights with straightforward BodyTalk strategies you can immediately apply in your clinic, session demos, practical assignments and new charts.


Hormones and Neurotransmitters 101

Live/livestream course on May19th, 2019 PLUS e-course to start your learning now. Learn to identify and reset overproduction, deficiency, resistance, hypersensitivity in hormone and neurotransmitter communicators of the body. Starting with the basics... What are they? How do they function? And how can you reset them into harmony with the tools of the BodyTalk system?


  • 1-day Live/livestream course May 19th on communicator basics, session demos and learning assignments.

  • Top 20 Communicators Chart

  • Hypothalamus More Specific Chart.

  • Access to the recorded e-course to start your learning adventure!


Female Hormone Renew

Live/livestream course on May 19th. Did you know that menopause and PMS are easy to rebalance with BodyTalk? This course gives you tools to understand and rebalance female hormone imbalances in PMS, menstrual symptoms, rhythm disruption, heavy periods, and menopausal symptoms, hot flashes and weight gain. For your female family, friends and clients age 9-90!


  • Live/livestream course on May 19th, 5pm - 6:30pm Pacific

  • Female Hormone Renew Chart

  • Access to the recorded e-course to start on in your clinic today!

Pre-Req: Hormones and Neurotransmitters 101

Female Hormone Renew - May 19
from 35.00
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EpiCancer Strategies

Live/livestream course on May 17th, 11am - 2:30pm Pacific. Designed to allow you to extend your Evolve Epigenetics practice into anti-aging, cancer preventative and cancer re-balancing with this mini-course. Designed to help you understand the basics to work with prevention and treatment of cell growth control or cancer priorities.


  • Anti-Aging Strategies

  • Epigenetic Clock Protocol

  • Daily DNA and epigenetic error repair

  • Immune report card and Epi-ImmuneTune

  • Cancer EpiStrategies

Pre-Req: Evolve Epigenetics 4-day or Master Study Course

EpiCancer Strategies Mini-Course - May 17th!
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Spring into Learning FlashSale rates will only be available from April 27 - May 2nd. After that, you may enjoy early bird rates on these courses..